Congratulations Janel Merkwan! Janel's grant award project is Making Personalized Learning Personal. It will prepare students for a more customized classroom learning environment. Through the use of technology, classroom instruction will be available to students inside and outside the classroom by recording lessons, digitalizing math notes, flipping the classroom So that lessons are available at any time. If students are more advanced, they can work ahead or dig deeper into their work, or if a student falls behind, they will have all the necessary resources to catch up and meet the standards set in the classroom. Students in Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra, ACT Prep, Business Math, and Consumer Math will be able to benefit from this advanced approach to personalized learning.

Congratulations DaNann Kistler on your See It and 3D It! Grant award. Students will now be able to scan an item with an iPad and then print it out moments later. Countless career fields are incorporating 3D scanning. The 3D scanner will work with the 3D printer WC Makerspace students won when competing in a national challenge sponsored by American Farm Bureau, Dupont and Pioneer Seeds. Students will be able to use both pieces of equipment to scan objects, edit and print them with the 3D printers. The new Skanect Pro scanner and sensor will give students a space to design and print 3D creations, introduce them to the new software, expose students to a variety of career options and give students a creative outlet before, during and after school.

Congratulations to Steffani Burwitz on her award to support Integrating Environmental, Earth and Physical Sciences using Universe Sandbox2: Computer Simulations in a Chemistry Classroom. Chemistry students will explore the effect of greenhouse gases and rising atmospheric temperatures on Earth’s climate as part of an integrative environmental science unit utilizing Sandbox2. The simulations inside Universe Sandbox2 allow students to adjust levels of several gases in the atmosphere of a simulated Earth and study the effects over the course of years. Other program features will allow students to adjust overall atmosphere temperatures and study the effects on ocean levels over time. Students will also be able to study the environments and atmospheres of other other planets in our solar system, investigating how they differ from Earth. The software and simulations may also be used for the Astronomy and Meteorology coursework.

Congratulations Jeff Peterson Jeff's project, Science Models, will provide a human anatomy model to be used in Human Anatomy and Biology. Funds specifically provide a leg model in an effort to make the West Central model collection more comprehensive.The model will be used to increase the level of student engagement in the classroom toward memorizing body structures. Models allow students to move about the room in an organized fashion and interact with three-dimensional views of human body structures. This creates a more memorable learning experience. This opportunity more closely resembles experiences they would have in the workplace or post-secondary education if they pursue a career in healthcare or related fields.

2018 Trojan Night of Distinction

Congratulations to Dawn Mielke, Kelsey Bellrichard, Ellen Nester and Ashlie Jacobs on their grant award! Their project is iLearn with iPads. Currently, the K-2 classrooms do not have one student to one device MATCHING. By providing additional iPads, students will be able to advance their technology skills. Through individual apps students strengthen reading and decoding skills to show learning through different presentation avenues. While the WCEF was not able to fully fund this grant, it does move the teachers closer to the goal of having one device per student in K-2.

West Central is blessed with great teachers. Greg Anderson and Amber Eberhard were the 2018 nominees for Teacher of the Year. We'll let you in on a's their students who are the winners.

Congratulations to Lynn Margeson on her grant award for Making Our Own Space in an Ever-Changing World. The Library Makerspace will now be available in the Hartford Elementary Library. The star of the new MakerSpace will be CUBELETS, the build your own robot kit. The library is a perfect space to feature Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities that are supported by Makerspace supplies. With these additional STEM supplies, students will be able to explore their interests, create and collaborate. The Makerspace also plans to feature visits or videos from area businesses or STEM leaders in the West Central community. These new tools will allow students to unleash their creativity and make real-world connections. The Makerspace will expose students to STEM concepts and careers, reinforce problem-solving, perseverance, creativity, and teamwork and encourage reading about areas of interest.

The West Central Education Foundation recognized our first Business Supporter of the Year. We thank and honor Sunshine Foods of Hartford and Merlin and Sherrie as Business Supporter of the Year – 2017-18.

The Foundation recognizes our Grant Award recipients along with recognizing other outstanding educators in the community Congratulations to our 2018 Innovation Grant Award Winners! Pictured L to R: DaNann Kistler, Ellen Nester, Lynn Margeson, Ashlie Jacobs, Gina Jahr with the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, WCEF Board Members Kristi Golden and Ladd McCluskey. Not Pictured: Steffani Burwitz, Janel Merkwan, Jeff Peterson, Kelsey Bellrichard and Dawn Mielke..